today, bras and ranties remembers. there is a somber heaviness to the air, those few beautiful days of indian summer departed, leaving us humble.

we remember the collective of men and women – of our country, of the world – who gave their lives so that each of us can live as we do.
we remember those we’ve lost throughout the war we’re fighting today – losing their battles for something so very few of us believe in.
and we remember our own poppa, who served the british in the indian air force. this most wonderful man is why we are here, able to pursue our whims, our dreams and everything in between with his most gracious final gift to us. and though we wish we’d better honored him (better lived in his reflection) we realized the point of it all: we still can.
while we spend a day remembering yesterday, yesterday is past. reflection should help to chart a course forward, not incite regret of the turns you happened to miss. contrition can live heavy in your chest, or it can metamorphose into a belief, a desire or a change.
the point is not what you’ve done, nor what you plan to do, but what it is you do right now. let’s live in honor of those who’ve fought for us. let’s live awareness of how we got to this day. let’s live with intention to do the best we can. and let’s live in peace.



2 thoughts on “remembering”

  1. AOK says:

    So beautifully put darling. And so very true.

  2. Anonymous says:

    beautifully said B&R

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