romona keveza

romona keveza’s bridal and evening collection managed to warm our hardened heart to the concept of marriage – for oh about 17 minutes. after the house lights went on we of course reconsidered the notion. we are much too skeptical (and have had too much wine) to be seeing bridal shows.

but oh for those seventeen minutes what a girl would have worn to her wedding! we think we’d go short and flirty with the white cocktail opening number. but then maybe we’d go with the principessa bejeweled and feathered number. but wait – what’s that we see? is that a one-shoulder wedding dress? hold on a minute – can a bride pull off red if it’s got a train?


you can check a (somewhat) well-montaged video of the show here on blogto.
are any bras and ranties readers currently planning their weddings? excuse our bittered selves in these delicate times. we are positively boyfriendless, which works for us most of the time. except when we are sick and need comfort, love and servantry. instead we are left whimpering under the duvet that we’re going to die with only dutch to hear our cries. so can you send your man over with some chicken soup? much obliged.
[image stolen from the beckerman biteplate]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Edita wore Ramona – her gowns are absolutely STUNNING.

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