rzp quote of the day.

style is the best way to say who you are without having to speak – rachel zoe

well-said, sister.

this became a favourite topic of mine when i realized that style is art. that what you construct as your overall ‘look’ is just as relevant as any other art form, if you want it to be.

so, if you don’t mind my asking: do you feel that you devote enough time and creative energy towards your style?

do you regard the construction of your style as creative expression? well, you should. because it is. ‘styling’ is your opportunity to develop and individualize your wardrobe. to express a trait of your personality, or to convey your mood that day, or even to channel an era…style is about a spirit.

(as an aside, please put spirit in all you can. for what the eff are you without your moxie? your chutzpah? your stuff? show out loud that it’s in there, i beg of you.)

anyways. whether you think you already do this, or you just haven’t ever given much of a shit about it, just amp it up a little notch regardless of who you are, and live louder. it’s spring!