see no / speak no

we’ve been sitting in conflict for the past few days, attempting to determine the correct course of action. this is an extremely rare condition for bras and ranties to be in, you realize, as the majority of our life decisions are made on instinctual, gut reaction. but this one’s getting at us. naturally, we thought it best to turn to you.

the shortest-story: friend’s new man is a heaping spoonful of douche. fact. she’d heard rumors but chosen to dismiss them, a sentiment we’d initially agreed with. after all, you’ve gotta do your thang. in the meantime, she’s fallen head over heels. all was well until the weekend when the fucktard went for it avec moi. needless to say, he was shut down.

now while we realize ya’ll are likely insisting we inform her of this development post-haste, take a moment. we’ve seen this episode of 90210, and it did not end such, our official point of view on the matter will be to plead the fifth and neither hear nor speak any thing at all. in gold foil, if we are allowed a preference. life is meant to be lived, not cockblocked by your friends. if her beau’s a douche she’ll determine as such without our involvement. and don’t worry, he’s been warned. don’t you agree?

2 thoughts on “see no / speak no”

  1. Buy the shoe in every color says:

    I agree…Just Warn Him
    If her heart flutters for this shitty excuse of a man and you say something, you'll see less and less of her: cause she will choose him.
    It will kill you too see them together knowing he is royal trash, but at least you still have your friend in your life.
    I find it very rare when a girl listens to another girl about scrapping the scum out of her life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Didn't see that particular episode from 90210, don't watch much TV, but 90210 is high school drama-correct? I think we're a bit older than that, poor comparison. Personally, if he does it again to you or someone else, I would tell her. Why the hell not? It's the truth. She'd be better off knowing now, then finding out after the fact (if they break up) and thinking that entire time was a waste and a lie, and wishing she had known from the beginning, only to feel like a complete idiot! Would you want to know the truth? Probably. It's when girlfriends are bashing ones man at every opportunity they get is when they choose the men over their friends I find. Tell her once, and move on, and she'll think about it and should respect your concern. Some days I wish us girls would have friendships like guys-simple, straight to the point, and don't take it personally.

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