bras and ranties went to a special event at holts tonight, put on by fashion, honouring nicole richie’s just-launched jewelry line house of harlow.

the place was rammed. there was a lineup of ladies stretching all the way to yonge. but inside the drinks were flowing, the shopping was definitely happening and the jewels were being played with (and purchased, en-masse).
nicole, a bras and ranties favie, looked fabulous for the record. teeny and gorgie (if not a tad exhaused) with an itty little baby bump and the sickest shoes i’ve seen in ages. wantie.
by the way, that bracelet on her bicep went nowhere near my elbow. just sayin.

bras and ranties also did a quickie on-camera with cosmo tv wearing our favourite piece, the gold triangle headpiece. so keep look out for me, because i will likely never see it!

speaking of fashion, i got an email from my sister this morning wondering if she should enter their contest, casting call. they want to do an upcoming story with one woman winning a whole new wardrobe from holts. um…hello. i think i may even enter this contest…think an addiction to beautiful things may win me the goods??