we panicked for a moment over the weekend, stopped in our tracks and the horror that perhaps we had missed one of our most favorite weekends – the clothing show.

the show comes about twice a year and we haven’t missed one in about four years. and it’s coming again this coming weekend, sep 25-27 @ the better living center.

please don’t take us the wrong way – this is by no means a gold mine. but a creative eye and some inspiration will net you some finds that will become staples. many of our most favorite pieces were acquired here, so get your happy glasses on.

some tips for the show are below. bras and ranties takes shopping very, very seriously.

1. bring cash. and lots of it. we (without fail) always allot ourselves a budget and end up going back for just a teensy bit more cash. but stick to a number that you won’t go over – because you might.

2. wear tighties. we’re usually found in skinny pants and a tank, so things can easily be tried on overtop. trust, you don’t want to unload in those tiny dressing rooms.

3. be adventurous and try things you normally wouldn’t. some pieces picked up initially in jest have become ultimate scores. get creative – especially with the vintage.

4. buy a lemonade. they’re divine.

tickets are $10 @ the door, $8 online.

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  1. buy the shoe in every color says:

    I'll be there fri from 5- till they kick me out

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