speaking of shoppy!

a lot of you already hate me because of gilt groupe. either i turned you on to the esample sale frenzy and your nimble index finger (and three visas) got the best of you; or you tried your best to join in the festivities and you were hit with the incompetency that is their ‘no canadian’ payment/shipping policy.

so when faced with whether or not to inflict more pain, i’ve made the decision that if you’re already fuming what does a little extra salt really matter, anyway?

for those american bastards (or us canucks with an american bank and shipping address), the infamous etailer is launching a bebe version: fuse.

targeted at a younger set of shoppers (think holts 3rd floor contemporary) fuses’ sales will be at a lower price point and with increased inventory.

as per, it remains invitation only. hit me@brasandranties.com up if you want one.