this may be old news, but anthropologie has finally come to toronto. and it is inconveniently located in the shops at don mills. wtf?

i used to live close to don mills and avoided it when at all possible. i’ve never seen so many old people in my life. there was nothing there, except a bulk barn. and i guess a bulk barn is good to have around in times of chocolate-covered-jujube crisis. but other than that, it was gross.

the shops have apparently been redone, with the opening of anthropologie adding the much-needed pizazz to the relaunch. just can’t help but wonder what this mistake in launch location will have on the store’s success in canada?

if you make the trip, let me know how it is. i certainly won’t be seeing you there.

2 thoughts on “shoppy.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay so I went to the new revamped shops at don mills and let me say it was absolutely beautiful!! The Anthropologie store was stunning with scented burning candles that made the store smell so lovely, everything was so nicely displayed, I walked out with a lovely navy chiffon top with cream lace trimmings. So cute and let me tell you I could have walked out with a lot more…Checked out the Aritzia and also bought a few things, but I loved the experience of having an outdoor mall here in Toronto however, I don’t know how this mall will survive our frigid cold winters since you have to walk outside to get to each and every store. For a moment I did feel like I was at one of the outdoor malls in Cali but then quickly remembered, when a chilled gust of wind came at me, that I was still in Toronto. The selection of stores is really great and I will definitely go there many more times this summer but don’t know if I will venture to don mills come colder temperatures.

  2. LP says:

    I agree with the other post – the shops at Don Mills are amazing. went on a weekday and there was NO ONE there – but that was just fine with me! I am a florida junkie and love the Premium Outlet malls – Don Mills mall is SO similar to this. Exact same concept – but cleaner, classier and will cute parkettes and such. You must go. Haven’t been there on the weekend so don’t know how busy it is then.

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