though the holiday rush can leave even the most seasoned shopping lovers resenting retail, the strategic shopper knows that santa brings his best gifts on december 26th.

you see, it’s on the 26th that the unattainable comes within reach. previously retarded-expensive suddenly becomes palettable. justifiable. probable.
bras and ranties has already identified such item for our own wardrobe, a well-deserved gift after a series of chi-busters have left us glum. we have been visiting our new babies regularly to ensure no one else gets their paws on them. we stalk the shoe section, heart palpitating when rich asians and russians drag their men near our chausseurs. we will fight you. and your little dog too.
three days left until they are ours at 50% less, favorite salesgirl sophia set to ring us at 7am on boxing day and run the magic numbers through. listen closely and you may hear us squealing with delight. come to mama.
and you? what have you got your eye on? do tell.


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