thumbing through the september issues today, we begun the (rather hyper-organized) task of designing our fall fashion list. once you start to work for yourself you become a tad more aware of the debits, ya feel?

we realized with glee five minutes in that 1) this was going to be fun; and 2) we had to share. so let’s talk hoisery, only because we went bananas when we saw this shot. holy amahzballs.

gorgeous hoisery is a must-have for fall, as we’ve been saying since our inception: just say no to black tights. why sheathe yourself in black, sans detail, sans flirtation, sans sex appeal, when you can look like dis hmmm?
as well as patterns and lace, look for rich autumnal colors (plums, navy, rust) and keep your eye out for ornamentation (a splatter of beading across an ankle, for example). gorgie and sexy. and we will reiterate that if you must black-tight, at least do the french seam up the back, oui? merci!

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