skinny bitch.

i have a secret. i should totally be fat.

i eat way more than the average woman, and there are days (um, maybe weeks?) where literally all i eat are carbs. sandwiches are totally my favourite food. and my dinner is often toast, with alternating spreads of cream cheese, peanut butter, and nutella. i know!! so bad!

i actually know quite a lot about healthy eating. there was a time where i stuck by these rules…and i woke up one day with no boobs, no ass and weighing 104lbs (10lbs of which was totally my hair extensions). not a good look. i’m definitely no longer that health nut, and the boobs and ass are back in full-force, but i know i can’t go on this way either.

i’ve therefore stopped carbs after 5pm (except for days chef cory is cooking!) and am trying to eat way more fish and veggies. why oh why can’t i have the munchies for spinach?

keep you posted.

One thought on “skinny bitch.”

  1. Kitty Catkins says:

    Um, so our vacay in Greece was when you were a measly 105 with 10 lbs of extensions (remember when you landed in Milos and the waitress asked you if you were Paris Hilton – hilarous!).

    I take partial credit for nursing your T&A back to current fabulousness with the daily full fat Greek yogurt with fruit and honey, cocktails on the beach and the huge amazing fresh catch dinners!

    Mmmm… Greece

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