the small stuff

the shiteous week drones on, efficiencies and pleasantries around most of bras and ranties’ projects having fallen to the wayside. it’s as if the management of humans (and human relationships) require more time, attention and problem solving than the work itself; an iremediable chi in the air once someone allows their emotions in the way of their function. makes life fucking difficult for all. guess we understand what our old boss was always talking about when we brought our bitch to work.

but providing the residual effects are no more than a few chinks in the armor, we continue on our course of (inexplicable) positivity. every day a new day. no disaster as disastrous as it first seems.
we know. so rational and level-headed. we have no idea what’s wrong with us. are we showing our age?





5 thoughts on “the small stuff”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bras and Ranties, let me ask you this. In my experience lately, I have come across a lot of men who put zero effort into dating?! I mean, maybe I'm just traditional at heart (which I am), but someone asks me out, damnit I expect them to pick me up and know where they're taking me! I'm not going to meet you at some damn party! Who does that? Do you agree that men these days seem to put little to no effort sometimes? Mind you I am having quite the rant day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Bras and Ranties,

    I am thinking about quitting my job to start something of my own. Words of advice?


  3. JB says:

    Bras and Ranties,
    My dear I think we have our 1st two clients for a phantasmagorical workshop series we should develop.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Why not? What is stopping you? Ask those questions and then figure out a solution to get past these, would be my advice. THEN-action! Do it! People thought I was crazy at first to move to the city and focus on my career, and now it's paid off.

    Be the balls no one else will be- it can work to your advantage at times.

    Rant chick from above.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Rant Chick,

    Thanks for the advice. It is rather exciting to think that I might be jobless in 30 days.

    As for your issue – do not, I repeat, do not change. Certain boys may want you to meet them at parties, but these are not the gents you would keep around for any length of time. It is only those who demand quality who receive it.

    Quitting Soon (I hope)

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