socks and sandals, oh my

the rain arrives, bringing along with her the gusts of old man winter’s chill. an insistent, assured cooling off from the blurred, sticky heat that seemed to lend this summer an air of imminent turmoil. slowed down by a soupy panic, masses as molasses. a very weird world. we’re grateful for the relief, the return to normalcy: routine, wardrobe, way of life settled into a song we like the sounds of. melody, mercury finally on-beat with the uni-verse.

and as we dive into a new season of style (canada’s only other type of temperature) we admit with an almost startling terror that we’ve already become witness to what we turns us off the very most: the boring black tight.
at once a cop-out and a curse, the boring black tight should hold no place in your array of underpinnings, let alone exist as the item of which you have the most. too many textures, patterns, complementary colours exist to excuse an everyday default of deep black. come on girls, live a little.
in fact brasandranties’ fall footwear update (along with the majority of fashion fiends and followers alike) involves instead simply the pairing of pump with sock. what would once incite a stylistic sneer (white socks, mary janes, we will never) now somehow seems both darling and daring. and very fresh.
as tougher counterpoints to sweet dresses, scrunched beneath shorts, or a peeking pop of colour beneath a cuffed trouser, the sockette is a way to migrate your favorite pieces from summer, giving them legs to live on. pun intended. the look extends seasons, adds texture and varieties figurative and literal, while opening up fields of complementary accent colours you’ve yet to explore (tip: what’s its opposite on the colour wheel). we’ve already begun to collect the makings of our own sockette menagerie, spanning the spectrum from an olive lace to a silky rust all the way to a fine knit navy you might swipe from your boyfriend. be daring, experiment, and work it out. and just say no to the bbt.
(image via sea of shoes)

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