something wicked this way comes

they say old habits die hard. patterns tough to break, cycles methodically turning, churning. a power over person, reigning them in.

we’ve wondered about the mind, its ability to keep us spinning on the same go-round. at times less merry, more masochistic. despite all we know (our lashing life lessons, rough rides) there it tends to go. and go. and go. same shit on a different shit day. more like bad habits die hard.
we humans tend to ignore the truth that we’re more than just our minds. that perhaps this curious complex contorted muscle can at times become confused. lead us astray. a gritty playground, sticky with the sins of the self-accusatory. drilling down deep somewhere dark. it’s really rather easy to get lost in there.
but isn’t it true that our truly transformative moments (those tiny episodes of evolution, those life lessons) seem to happen not in the brain but in the soul? that the mind can actually slow us down. hold us back. keep us from the process.
so how do you ban the brain’s bad habits: those easy paths to pattern, synapses steady and familiar with the way you tend to deal. how do you grow beyond destructive proclivities, create compassionate ones in their place? how do you grow up for the sake of you, for the sake of love, for the sake of life?

4 thoughts on “something wicked this way comes”

  1. xobolaji says:

    sigh. u really are "all that!" aren't you?

    love the eloquent and elegant self/questioning. now please get out of my head!

    and YES kelly cutrone ROCKS. in my next life, i want some of her mojo, but i bet like most fab things that comes at a premium…


  2. Anonymous says:

    But we are our minds. A brain is an interactive muscle by necessity. The ultimate evolutionary tool. It learns constantly but is imperfect and it requires repetition not unlike other muscles. It is not all knowing, but a canvass that interacts with our senses, others' mind muscles, individually and collectively, and with the living and non-living physical environment all around us and at every moment it is turned on (and it will until it is forever turned off or it has stalled from atrophy (read: lazy)).
    What is it that moves us forward and changes the 'soul', both positively and negatively? Disruption. Stimulus. Change. Rinse and repeat. Forever and always.
    For too many people live life on the rails, going through the motions as if they were in fact on a stationary bike set at a constant speed and wondering why they go nowhere and nothing changes. Beauty is in experience: in tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, and doing and in the end learning and evolving, constantly. Pushing forward past the comfort zone.
    And the extraordinary becomes ordinary.
    Did I just blow your mind? Think about it, and then stimulate yourself, er, disrupt yourself. And then don’t stop. I dare you.


    The most interesting man in the world….

  3. Anonymous says:

    I dunno. Personally, I think that if any life lesson is ingrained into you, you wouldn't be making the same decisions nor, think the same way based on past experiences.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree with this post. Sometimes you get to a dark place, that no one else really understands, and its hard to seperate the fact that you're capable of getting yourself out of it. Forget trying to explain it, its exhausting and seems to set you back even more. But, as always, it will pass. Hard to have that perspective at the time but its the reality of the situation. The true solution is to just love yourself. It's easy to see past others faults, so why not see past your own?

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