the spicyspot

do you read sweetspot?

i know a ton of you do. i do too. and every day i sort of wonder why…

i’m not going to complain about it. but i AM going to do a daily spicyspot: my ode to what i’d write about if i was sweetspot. because why be sweet when you can be spicy?

spicyspot march 3 2009

this one’s for the ladies.
if you’re like me and you’ve been torturing your sugarbox (and other less-fun locations) with waxing for years, welcome to your saviour. ritual salon. somehow the 20min brazilian becomes 4minutes. the level7 pain becomes level3. and the $65 bill becomes $30.
you’re welcome.

ritual salon 787 king street west 4163060040

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  1. Corine H says:

    I love you Newts!!

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