the stylings of strangers

we know, we know. we’ve been rather lame with posting what we wore and we’re hearing about it from every direction. patience, pretties. they’re in there, laying in wait in the pipeline. waiting to feel inspired in their recreation (ugh, we always forget the night of) and waiting for our camera to be fixed (capless lenses en-bird, bad idea). so we guess you can say the blogette’s a bit backed up. lots in our head, less out our fingertips. our roll sure seems mighty lackadaisical these days.

truth be told we find we’ve taken to this thang as an outlet for our deepest ranties, the things that trouble us the most. to get through them is often a rather exhaustive process: shaping, birthing, mind-gasming our confused feelings on the the matter. that shit aint easy, lest you forget.
we’re well aware these creative experiments have taken a (sort of) backseat to our other endeavors: what we wore where we shopped whom lindsay lohan flashed somehow less of a priority in the grander scheme of things. and yet we’ve also come to miss these meanderings peppered throughout the madness, those whispers (by the ways) within any other kind. so we’ll put our back back into it, give the blogette a little extra oomph. we will try our best to post the shit out of it (including lotso what we wore). hold us to it, mmkay?
in the meantime, we suggest you get lost in the style musings of brasandranties’ latest blogette hearts: frou frouu. here you’ll find a girl with a gorgeous sense of style, that’s potentially trumped by her even more glorious pictures. we dare you not to be inspired, moved to trying something new. we know we were.
(image stolen from frou frouu)