pain. suffering. repeat.

good monday morning darlings. hope you each had glorious weekends. wish we could say we had the same, but bras and ranties spent saturday whimpering – paying homage for each and every one of our sins the night before. trust us when we say this was not a pretty picture. shudder.

due (in full) to imbibing two (point five) of the deadly and delicious pink panther, we have since been informed that we treated dinner companions to quite the performance, at one point draping our leather-panted leg across the table to show off our anklets. we’re quite sure the theatrics did not end there. but we can’t quite recall.





One thought on “pain. suffering. repeat.”

  1. becwils says:

    Anyone who says they've never been this drunk is a LIAR. Or BORING! You are not alone! Hope everything is OK though, hugs

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