sunday morning.

eyes squinted, mascaraed. robe wrapped heavy, warm silk. coffee thick, sweet and steaming. pigs snorting in greeting as they flap their wings overhead.

did you see them? we saw them. we saw them the moment we opened our eyes at 8am. pigs fucking flying as we peeled on our lululemons and made our way our first of seven sunday morning wellness sessions.
you see it seems our well-intended self fucked our disco self right over when we enrolled in this nutrition and yoga course late saturday afternoon. put on by the joyful @joyoushealth (one of our absolute twitter favorites) and love action yoga, this program is our way of diving in to some of our new year resolve. loose commitments have morphed to a major 7wk nutrition challenge.
wish us luck. we will of course continue to keep you posted, likely via whimpers of sugar withdrawal and desperate pleas for cheeseburgers.
(image pinched from we heart it)