sup bo.

balls. the obamas copied me…again..weird.

meet bo obama, the first puppy of the united states, gifted to the family over easter weekend by senator kennedy.

i’d had my eye on this breed as a potential bro for the dutch man. there’s a portugese water dog in my neighborhood named eddie, who essentially just looks like a giant muppet. i pictured he and dutchie, big shag and little shag forever.

now everyone and their mother’s going to have one. boo.

One thought on “sup bo.”

  1. andie says:

    happy tuesday!

    have you looked into Ganaraskan’s?
    They are every bit adorable as Portugese Water Dogs, similar looking breed, and not nearly as ubiquitous.
    Well-tempered, and easy to train too…google them or check out


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