takin names

had to pass along this gem; another delicious example of entrepreneurs coming together to get shit done.

your introduction to fannie schiavoni , a gorgeous (yet peculiar) new jewelry line. the interesting bit (besides the collection’s medieval chain mail influence) is that the designer chose to launch the line through fashion blogs from around the world. five pieces from the collection were distributed to five chosen blogs, and each linked to each other to unveil the line in its entirety. a very sweet way to do things, in bras and ranties’ opinion.
if anything has surprised (so pleasantly) in the last few months of publishing the blogette, it’s been the incredible urge amongst artists/dreamers/creators to cooperate and collaborate. there appears to be somewhat of an idea collective in this town, a keen willingness to help and support each other. it feels liberating and progressive, and yet no doubt an anthropological nod to the way the world used to function. we likey.
check the first link here: stylebubble