talons on-trend

looks like bras and ranties may have to upgrade from her $30 asian mani/pedi spot, as design-oriented nails are being touted as the newest form of self-expression.

no, this is not us encouraging you to rock the chanel jade. this is us encouraging you to regard your nails as a bit of a creative canvas, if you will.
if you paid attention to the s/s runways these past few weeks, you’ll have noticed some very unique applications adorning the models. while some of these seem way too complicated, wasteful and potentially disastrous to us (ie the marbling effect) some of these fresh designs and techniques will make you feel deliciously fashion. for the price of a mani, can you beat it?
check this article from the la times here to see some of the creative concepts sent down runways. and when (not if) you play around with this trend, send snaps! we’re getting the new moon next.

One thought on “talons on-trend”

  1. Ketty says:

    i am glad somebody agrees with me! that jade nail polish looks horrible.

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