big ups to my saucy friend @lala_rara for this one. the gruen transfer is a show about ads and how they work on consumers. with the help of a panel of some sharp and cuthroat industry vets, tgt decodes and debates the commercial messages that swell our lives and consciousness. the stat was 6,500 commercial messages a day prior to the twitter phenomenon. can’t even fathom what it’s at now.

this shit is good tv; for those in the industry as well as those affected by it.

click here to watch the latest episode.

2 thoughts on “teebee.”

  1. iamlaura says:

    thanks for the shout out B&R!

    what blows my mind is that this is a wildly popular show in Australia. it's not just an industry thing, even though the content sounds like it was lifted right out of an agency strategy session. people really want to know about this stuff? well at least it make my life seem way more glamorous than it is.

    i watched 4 episodes when i was in Oz last month and then 4 more on the plane. fully hooked.

  2. iamlaura says:

    ps: Biggest Loser is also HUGE there. go figure.

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