they’re amoebas on fleas on rats

this one’s for my friend kellie, a closet jon & kate plus eight watcher. those are the cutest fucking kids man. especially the really weird daughter who chooses to sleep in a dark corner of the basement on a matress instead of with her sisters. she’s gonna be a handful.

us weekly just busted husband jon on his three-month affair with a third grade teacher. interestingly enough, though the show is on a network that’s geared toward the middle-american housewife, the consensus (at least in the blog chatter) is that kate had it coming. the woman tends to belittle and humiliate the man on national television. probably not the ideal husband-retention strategy.

i think real love can change a person; teach them about honour and empathy. if you have it, monogamy should be both possible and pleasurable.

so why do so many people stray from their marriages? have they chosen to be with the wrong person? are they just aching for a little validation? is it human nature?

fuck, just noticed his mistress bitch is 23. dirty boy.