this pains me

@signebarlow informed me today that the english language recently celebrated it’s one-millionth word:

web 2.0.

web 2.0. is the fucking word.

is web 2.0. a word? i don’t think web 2.0. is a word. this is all kindsa wrong. despite really being nothing more than (already stale) jargon, it has numbers and a decimal point. who are the chumps making such decisions? tsk tsk.

why can’t we be more imaginative with language? why hasn’t it really evolved, beyond jargon going mainstream?
i can’t understand why we aren’t creating fresh words to describe the new ways the world has forced us to think, act and feel.
societal strongholds are unravelling. after being forced out of life’s plans, people are now seeing the world (and what it offers) completely differently. there are cultural undercurrents and tensions in society that are almost inexplicable through today’s language alone. and intellectual members of society are questioning everything around them, asking themselves how else it can be done.
doesn’t a period of fundamental societal change deserve a vocab face-lift? web 2.0. please.