three’s a crowd

it happened as casually as anything, one of last week’s warm sticky nights, over the solicitation of a cigarette. the brushing of fingers, habit changing hands. the intimate act of bringing a stranger alight. four eyes meet each other across the flick of fire, then each set subsequently turns, looks directly toward us.

before she said it we could tell exactly what she wanted; could feel her eyes running over our skin, her precursor to much more. there was no dance around it, free from hints, absent of entendres. she leaned in close, breathed both of us in, looked down where our bodies were pushed together. she looked up at him, she looked back down at brasandranties, she smiled out one side of her mouth, and she suggested a menage a trois.
in truth we’ve never had one, yet to have the opportunity arise, and we weren’t about to start that night. frankly we’d always envisioned being the guest, the supporting actress who can slip out when it’s over, just part of the fantasy. unscathed from flashbacks of flesh burned into memory. away from any insecurities, arguments that may haunt a couple after having shared. seems a rather messy business, both literal and figurative. but that’s just us.
would we share our own man, invite another woman to have him too? we just can’t fathom it, most especially this one. seems the jealous sting of a scorpio is one of our fundamental traits. besides, we’ve never been one to share. he, of course, defaults to us, but would probably jump in should the situation arise. and what guy wouldn’t?
the interaction got us wondering, pondering again the differentials between guys and girls, between guys with girls. men have the ability (the biology, the chemistry) to distinguish sex from love, to have the former without the latter. to fuck, no strings attached. and yet women, despite their declarations and best intentions, tend to get the two all tangled up, eventually wrapped tight in our strings of complication, convolution.

7 thoughts on “three’s a crowd”

  1. Bryan says:

    Oh my B&R, a pandora's box you have opened with this post. Twice I have been involved in a triangle of sweat and pleasure. Twice I have walked awat from both situations content, proud, perhaps even slightly arrogant.

    First – My bestfriend had a girlfriend whos fantasy was to be pleasured by two men. Ne'er did my friend and I make contact, asides from the high five over the girls body, at this point filled with both our sex. She got what she had desired most, we both got the satisfaction, and our bond as friends, nay as heterosexual partners in crime, grew.

    Second – A few years later, two very close lady friends and myself were sitting around, smoking a large amount of green substance. We joked at the idea of a threesome and then decided that, all three of us are single, and that we are close enough friends, that who gives a *****. We partook in a strain of Opiat that is meant to increase sexual performance in all parties, yet prolong the climax. And off we went. Two hours, three bodies, one single-sized bed. The ladies enjoyed eachother as I watched, I enjoyed the ladies, and the ladies enjoyed me.

    Stepping away from that experience however I see now how it did in a sense harm the friendships involved. One ran away with a rather abusive relationship while the other two hoped that our new found bond had some sway over her decision making skills.

    I am in the camp that if all parties are mature and respectful enough to partake in the festivities, then go for it. And as a scorpio myself I know I would have great difficulty sharing my partner with someone else. But, if Esther desired it, and the right partner was found, it would be considered heavily.

    Best of Luck!

  2. Samantha says:

    Dude, I loves me a threesome. Recently I got to be the guest with another couple, which was my first time in that situation as usually I'm part of the hosting team. It was so fantastic to be with another couple, watching them connect with one another, together, and then over me. And when having threesomes ourselves, it's fun to be with the other girls as a team. I can enjoy watching him get his rocks off, he can enjoy watching me, we can work together … it's brilliant.

    But I've been pretty successful at the whole open relationship thing. Even recently when I thought about my husband having someone spend the night while I was away, I wasn't concerned about the intimacy they'd be sharing, that they'd be having breakfast together … I just wanted it to happen in a different room. I wanted my sanctuary to be respected. Let them have their fun, whether they're in love or lust.

    Women are a lot better at separating love from sex than even we give ourselves credit for.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two guys with a girl – perfectly heterosexual.

    Two guys nailing high fives while being fully engorged – gay.

  4. Andrea says:

    I'm absolutely selfish and do not like to share.

    It may also be called jealousy, envy, insecurity.

    Regardless, there's enough love to go around avec un autre & a menage always sounds sexier en francais. Let the french have their fun – me and my man will remain les deux.

  5. Chris TB says:

    I can very simply say, why would you want to? More so if you're with someone, I mean I have to agree with you, sharing your partner with someone, whether it's a stranger or not! I suppose at least a stranger you'll have a slim chance of seeing again in your social circle.
    I'm a gemini, so it's not just scorpio's who would get in a twist about something like this.
    I have been offered before(2 women), and I have turned the opportunity(?) down, how would I keep up for a starter?
    I think I'll stick with being selfish thanks, sleeping with a gemini must be like having a threesome surely 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL-Gemi! 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bet you had great sex that night B&R!
    Was she hot?

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