tip o the day.

love when you guys ask for beauty tips and tricks, even though i know it’s probably just the same three friends trying to make me feel good.

the latest: hey bras and ranties. i know you spend $ taking care of your face, but do you care about body moisturizer? i almost would rather not even bother. thoughts?

homegirl i am totally picking up what you’re putting down. i only moisturize if i’m anticipating sexytime. otherwise? hate it. but then i came across this super-lazy, surprisingly efficacious trick.

just keep a bottle of body oil in your shower. BEFORE you towel off, pour the oil in your hand, slather it all over the fucking place and then towel dry. no need to moisturize, your skin is soft and luscious. if you’re a rich bitch, go for bobbi brown. if you’re like everyone else, j&j baby oil.