tips n tricks.

i received quite a few responses to my post declaring my desire for eyelash extensions. including one from the gee beauty girls, insisting this move would be the worst thing to do to my already-pathetic flutterettes.*

i have since come across a mascara application technique called minking – have you heard?

apparently, it’s brown mascara that gives lashes bulk, and black that gives it length. so the trick is to 1st coat your entire lash with brown. once you’re ready for a second coat, apply black to the tips. this will give bulk, length and beauty, without the whole ‘i’m the type of girl who gets eyelash extensions’ thing.

* a word i just made up, meaning eyelashes.

One thought on “tips n tricks.”

  1. Kitty Catkins says:

    Check out where my dermatologist kin talks about

    “Allergan (the creator of Botox®) has given us the solution when they recently unveiled Latisse. The first and only FDA approved eyelash growth product!”

    What will they think of next?

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