toot toot

a funny thing, inspiration. it can come from anywhere. just today: a blast of blue across asphalt, a grid of steel atop a palette of grey, foliage a canopy glowing lush overhead. to be an artist that can capture that inspiration into renewed form, hands creating things new from tiny parcels of else where. it’d be pretty cool, if it were. and yet words seem to be our only thing.

ashley rowe, on the other hand, is making market of her inspirations; individual characters, colors and choruses commandeering her brush, splattered signatures across luxurious tees. she looked to five locals for collaborative fodder and voila. the splatter collection was born.
we think there’s something energetic in the fun miss rowe seems to be having with her splatter series, a playful fury to her creation. she’s brought an unconfined excitability to life in a palette so sophisticated. we’ve already paired ours with leopard and acid wash. what (pray tell, the hell) will be next?
check the campaign come to life here, where you can shop the brasandranties or design your own. inspiration at work: gotta love it.
(shot by jenna wakani)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    125$ for a cotton t-shirt?

    priorities are different. i have a mortgage to pay.

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