travis taddeo

okay. as a direct result of the fashion roadkill incident (see previous post) we really could have been paying much more attention during the travis taddeo show.

regardless. bras and ranties thinks we saw a fusion of the rudimentary and the revolution. a kindergarten influence via the basic colors, paint splashes, gym-class jersey tees and dyed blue denim. and those basics roughened up a bit via the designer’s other influence – the revolution – leather accents or full pieces (perforation!) and the obligatory shoulder detailing for both men and women.
it was a somewhat edgy take on gym slash streetwear – though certainly not bras and ranties’ personal style situation, and with some obvious exectutional flaws. still, we loved the fact that the designer chose to show what he wanted, without pretense or acclimation to the mainstays of fashion week.
which is really just code for us saying we love a designer who sends out male models in leather speedos.