truth inc

we are not ashamed to admit that we cried while watching food inc, a critically informative documentary on the food industry that each and every one of you must see (if you haven’t already, of course, we’re rather late to the party with this one)

not only does the film shine a light on extremely important information about where your food is coming from (something that’s been curiously and purposefully veiled from cultural conversation for decades) it also shows further evidence of capitalism’s regime over government, over price, over farmers and over our own health.

the whole thing left our mind spinning, envisioning those rothschilds’* malicious laughter as they puppeteer and plan the whole scheme out. the links you can make: the food industry price dysfunctions fueling disease fueling pharma fueling addiction it just goes on. the devastating human cost of our money hunger.

a wise man often reminds us to follow the money straight up to the top. across each and every industry there are two or three players in complete control. look critically how the ecosystem works and understand the role your own dollar plays. demand change as a consumer; insist upon it in order for your money to be exchanged. supply will always follow demand.
*google if you dare