tsk tsk.

bras and ranties doesn’t usually err on the side of optimism, however we were rightly surprised today upon hearing the news on prop 8. this is why i have no desire to move back to america. have these people not read their own declaration of independence?

it’s my belief that the next generation will scoff at the lunacy of today’s ignorance around gay rights, just as we deride the previous generation’s racial intolerance. the pursuit of happiness encompasses the right to love and be loved, just as anyone else. as a legal contract, marriage should by no means be associated with this increasingly irrelevant societal stronghold.

regardless, beliefs are beliefs; and though i do think every person has the right to their own set of principles, i don’t think those principles have any place in the decisions of state. bras and ranties is deeply sad for those of you affected by this decision.

peace and love*

* i have begun to identify with the persona of glamourous hippie. it’s the best way to describe my chi lately, though seemingly oxymoronic. i’ve considered posting outfits, but seems slightly narcissistic. thoughts?

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