turn and face the strain

there’s been something spinning as of late, winds of change starting to stir, pick up force, whip apart the landscape that’s only just begun to settle.

the last fifteen months have brought about new heights of exploration for bras and ranties. we’ve spent our time since leaving work taking risks. diving in to our whims, blindly hoping we were at the deep end.
along the way we believe we’ve grown up. we placed a market value on an hour of our time. we had to sell. we learnt more than a few lessons of the entrepreneur.
we helped. a crusader plan his way. a family craft their story. designers name their creations. dreams of davids building their slingshots for goliath. we cultivated our voice. we found a newfound authenticity. we became a writer.
we believe the universe will offer up what a human needs next, compelling us all toward certain distinct paths. what we each need next to grow. and bras and ranties is ready for our next challenge.
so we’re taking a job. a big one. and while we’ve so adored our time cocooned from the madness, the eye of the sun is where the fun is. we envision the future version of bras and ranties and we see a woman transforming her dreams into her business. that woman needs this job.
our writing and blogetting remains a priority. as do our pro-bono projects, our rambunctious endeavours and our vintage pillages. obvie. wish us luck, we start in t minus 11.

4 thoughts on “turn and face the strain”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations. Do we get any more details on this new job?

  2. JB says:

    I did hear from my big boy but wanted to see it from you before yelling "yea"

  3. Jane says:

    congrats! let us know deets when you can.

  4. admin says:

    thanks darlings. our dad read the post and thought bras and ranties was retiring. pshaw!

    the big gig starts feb1st. director of strategy, at an agency that will remain nameless.

    wish us luck!

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