baby daddies

we have safely returned from our lovely weekend away, our surprise visit to see friends unfolding uncharacteristically smoothly considering we planned it all the day prior. we even packed light and carried on, ooh la! and we were only very temporarily displaced on the very final leg of the journey by way of lost airport parking stub, and also err…lost car. but after an expedition round the airport car park (with an understandably stoned security guard) yielded fruitful, our wheels were located and we headed home to the dutchie.

the weekend was spent having laughs and making memories with our loved ones – a few members of our chosen family. an actual family unit this is however, two great friends living devoted as parents to a beautiful wee one year old. their life together leaves us feeling warm and wide-eyed at the idea of it all. and it inspires a rantie, of course.

though our own loins have yet to be accosted by the dancing baby or the tick-tock of the clock, we hadn’t in fact realized just how much we’d needed to see what we saw this weekend. watching a husband lovingly care for wife and daughter, and watching his great friend dote and daddy along with the best of them, we realized how rare this type of man was in our own life. we could imagine few men behaving as beautifully with a child for even a day, let alone a lifetime. those damn egomaniacs.

while we’ve no doubt it will be a long while until we ourselves have babies on the mind (if only for their curious inability to sleep in) our weekend realizations may have very well provided shape for things to come. so many women seem crazed to get the ring, to slot herself as starring role in the fairytale of ever after. but are you looking far enough into the future? are you judging your man’s ability as a partner, or are you too focused on what you want now? he may be good enough for you, but is he good enough for your children?
just sayin.

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