disco sticks

throughout the course of the afternoon three (male) readers each sent bras and ranties this article, featuring jennifer ‘love’ hewitt touting the virtues of vagazzling.

surprisingly not a bras and ranties colloquialism for squirting, vagazzling is actually (by definition) the act of adorning ones vahayhay with swarovski crystals.
after having swarovski’d everything from our computer mouse to our blackberry to our ballet slippers (in the early 2000s, of course) we’re actually somewhat surprised we haven’t thought of this ourself. and even more surprised that paris hilton didn’t patent this shit.
while we are rather curious as to the concept’s logistics (including application time commitment and the rather awkward angle for your handmirror) we’ve got to hand it to her. it’s kind of an awesome idea. if we give it a whirl, we’ll report back dutifully.


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    Photo proof, or you're lying…

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