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we are anxiously awaiting the chime of five this afternoon, and not simply so we can wrap ourself up in a delicious and well-deserved nap. this afternoon, our latest haul of vintage goodies will be ready to collect from our tailor. we showed up last week to our excited seamstress (a reformed fashionista at heart) arms piled high with vintage finds. some gems include a red chiffon batwing dress (now mini) and an unbelievable dolman leopard print jumpsuit. we are drooling in sartorial fact vintage has officially become our first true love, taken the lead role in our daily wardrobe performances. while we maintain our shopping activity across expected retail favorites, it’s the vintage spots where we find the real goods.

we call them our pieces. they are unique, they are remarkable and they’re ours, all ours. usually for a fraction of the cost.our vintaging strategy can best be described by one notion: go bold. we’re drawn to the overly theatrical, the pieces that appear riskier and louder than expected. the ones passed over by most. it’s here where we find inspiration. vision for what it could be (with the help of a tailor). cool old shit needing fresh new love.per reader requests we are compiling a working list of favorite spots around town. feel free to share your own favorites and special spots amongst the group. your secret is safe with bras and ranties.vintaging

favorites:* vintage 69 * stella luna* public butter* i miss you (for accessories, dresses and fur)* flashback* cabaret (for hats)


3 thoughts on “how to vintage”

  1. iamlaura says:

    might i add the pickers' market on sundays at st. lawrence (the north building). it really is more of a hunting ground than some of the more culled collections of vintage in the city. and the market's strength is definitely accessories over clothes. but what they lack in fabric they make up for in the most amazing decor items. so if your vintage addiction extends to housewares (actually, vintage housewares overshadow vintage clothes by far in my little world), then this is The Place.

    and doesn't perusing through the market follwing a yummy brunch just make the most divine sunday morning?

  2. NaVe says:

    Bungalow in Kensington also has some fab finds… especially during their summer side walk sale.

  3. madison says:

    My mom started Flashback… I was too young to appreciate it at the time, and now it is too late. so upset.
    side note: I love the Picker's Market!

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