visions beyond the rack

we find the recent news of a narciso rodriguez for ebay to be at once both killer and curious. killer because this way-in is quite obviously one of the most exciting ways forward for designers to offer their creative lines, experiments and one-offs. no longer limited to tailoring their offering to jive with big-box price points, a presence here opens the potential market to anyone and everyone who ebays. no need for retailer as middle man.

which is why we’re also left curious. that no one’s thought of it before.
direct to consumer offerings are both possible and plausible in the world of fashion. our increasing comfort and tolerance for blind purchasing (absent of trial, touch or test) is demonstrated through our sweeping fervor for online sample sales like gilt and beyond the rack. proliferation of capsule collections travelling through the racks of h&m and tarjay are making less of an impact. it’s time for something fresh. who’d have thought it would be ebay.
what do you think? is ebay the way?
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3 thoughts on “visions beyond the rack”

  1. fz says:

    Ecommerce is the way.

  2. JB says:

    Being an old EBay power seller from way back, I can only agree with fz. The prob with them as a channel is the proliferation of counterfeit goods. If this designer or any other designer sets up an EBay "store" then it can work. I am an old direct marketer from way back, mail, catalogue and tv, the standard return rate for purchases is 10-12%, for clothing 40-50%, reason size and colour.
    With that info, good luck!!!!

  3. Buytheshoeineverycolor says:

    No Way ebay, i love the welcoming the retailers (some retailors)have and they treat you like your royalty and riches, no ebay is going to do that!!!
    I have never had good luck ordering on line, it's never the right size or color and most of the time it's crappy quality- looks good on the web but in person !!!!
    Then trying to return what a hassel, no thanks !
    I will forever support the retailors (not chain store but the cute little boutiques that help you find your own personality) never em I going back to ordering on line .

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