was that out loud?

people often ask what it’s like: a life come to life en-blog. style, diaries, truths up for consumption. up for attack. in truth, we (almost always) enjoy the role the blogette process plays within the madness; forcing us to calm our pace, mull it over, think it through.

twitter (despite our heart for it) can act a scarier beast – one who growled in our direction over the weekend, to our head-clouded surprise. the bite-size, the frequency, the medium all contribute to it being so easy to mindlessly muse. pause (and sometimes google) before you tweet obviously the new think before you speak.
watch your thoughts, they become words. watch your words, they become actions. watch your actions, they become habits. watch your habits, they become your character. watch your character, it becomes your destiny (lao tze)

4 thoughts on “was that out loud?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Miss B&R – very wise words that you've printed here in the above quote….but please don't let any misunderstanding or oversensitive person get in the way of your eloquence via twitter or B&R! truly – you put yourself out there in a beautiful way and I'm sure all/most of your readers agree!

  2. ~Dickie says:

    Perfect quote; and please don't forget that distraction amidst ambition often leads to inspiration. x's.

  3. Anonymous says:


    You Rock! Keep on keeping on. You have tons of silent fans.

  4. Shay says:

    I second that! Huge fan amongst many others. Jen you are an amazing writer and have an amazing sense of style. Thank you for everything that you share! xo

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