we already have enough to carry

call it instinct, call it aging, call it spring fever. whatever it is, bras and ranties has been going wild for the wee ones lately. our world is usually absent of everything but the adult, babies in both ideology and actuality a distant, alien notion. we love the munchkins, really we do. but we’ve got some more living to get done first.

and yet each and every day last week, somehow the mini ones showed themselves. charmed us. annihilated us. we were cooing, googly-eyed. it was embarrassing really.
in the same span of days we learnt of two xboyfriends now expecting. daddy-bound. and while we wouldn’t personally have chosen to procreate with the gentlemen (lovely as they are) the whole thing kinda does make you think. pause. gauge; your own life versus theirs. pace sticks.
for now, we’re happy to experience motherhood vicarious, even short term tastes of their reality enough to keep the baby-proofing coming. but this very well may be a far-away whisper of bras and ranties’ clock. consider us officially disturbed.
(image stolen from sea of shoes, a bras and ranties favorite)

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  1. jb says:

    Pass the Dutchie from the left hand side!!

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