we cannot wait for this one

bras and ranties watched this trailer for spike jonze’s where the wild things are an embarassing number of times this weekend. and it seems we weren’t alone.

the trailer took the interweb by a storm over the last few days, garnering a reaction of deep nostalgia and great anticipation en blog et tweet.
we think it looks fucking cool. so fascinating, the way this kind of imagination moves us. we wish we’d been more creative as a kid but (sadly) it’s only a relatively recent way of life for bras and ranties.
regardless, can’t wait to smoke a dutchie and get lost in this epic story.

premiers october 16th.

2 thoughts on “we cannot wait for this one”

  1. Lauren Wilton says:

    Thank you, bras&ranties. Totally loving this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg, i wanna go outside and play now! and im being dead serious.

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