came across this site while cruisin the interweb: the wing girl method

apparently these are a band of chickies providing hopeless losers with two wing girls who’ll help them pick up chicks, fix their style, provide insight as to who’s into them, and help to fill in the awkward silences. all for the sweet, sweet deal of $895 per outing.

funnily enough, bras and ranties already provides this service to buddies, in exchange for four vodka sodas and cab fare. perhaps we should be increasing our rates…

by the way, we can’t quite figure out how the dude ‘splains the wing women to the now-eager, panting ladies. how would this not throw you off? would you not wonder – just for one moment – whether this strange man was attempting to add you to his polygamous porno sex-slavery ring? cuz we totally would…

One thought on “weirdness.”

  1. ~Dickie says:

    yeah…please do not increase your rates.

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