what a difference a day makes

bras and ranties woke up this morning with a funny feeling hanging over us. at first, we couldn’t place it. was it the thick fall air? the residual effects of too many skinny bitches last night? physical and mental exhaustion? our don draper sex dream?

the realization sliced through the morning-after fog in an instant. it was one year ago today – this very day – that life changed. or shall we say, that life began.

no one would have ever described us as the stagnant, apathetic type. life, for the most part, has always ensured us a forward momentum. we were growing up. finding ourselves. having relations and relationships with interesting men. our career on an upward track. life was good…but was it?

as a direct result of the satisfactory shape life was beginning to take, we never quite felt the need to examine what it was we were missing out on. we’d fallen on to a path that looked right, the end destination lovely enough. and yet, as it usually does, life intervened one day. a day that caused reappraisal of who we’d become and what it was we were doing with ourselves. life was good. but it wasn’t good enough. so we walked.
we won’t lie and say the process of starting again was easy. nor will we say that we’re done with it. if anything, we’ve only just begun our new selves; now rooted in a philosohy we simply had to learn in order to live just a bit more enlightened and fulfilled than before…
life doesn’t have to be the way it is. it doesn’t have to look the way it looks. you don’t have to do what you are doing. you don’t have to wake up tomorrow beside the one you woke up beside today. you are not xyz and you are not abc; you have the entire alphabet at your disposal. ask yourself the tough questions; no one else will. design the life you wish to lead; or someone will design it for you. experiment. create. follow your whims. express yourself. love yourself. this is your life. are you really living it?

thank you (each and every one of you) for being a huge part of who we are and who we’re becoming. you inspire our curiousity and our creation. we hope we inspire you too.
x bras and ranties


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  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you, i needed to read that today. xo

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  3. Buy the shoe in every color says:

    I needed that more then you know..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like this. Well said.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you just verbalized all my thoughts for today…
    i call it the thanksgiving hangover.

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