what i didn’t wear

we must take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of what i wore posts of late. the feature’s relative absence is by no means associated with our recent confabu-haters, nor does it imply that we are in fact leaving the house naked (or worse, uncreative).

in fact we’ve stripped most friends of their snap taking responsibilities after a number of killer styles were unsuccessfully and unartfully documented. this last batch came back completely void of anything below the knee. this is some exceptionally poor camera handling people.
alas we have purchased a remote and a tripod. this is getting serious styles. we plan on taking a barrage throughout this busy weekend, perplexed stares from strangers bedamned. all we can say is let’s hope our next boy toy’s a photographer.
in the meantime, you must check (and waste your hungovered friday afternoon) cruising around weardrobe, a site that collates style bloggers everywhere into one spot. we plan on joining in on the fun this weekend. why don’t you come too?
this is the best thing to wear for today, you understand. because i don’t like women in skirts and the best thing is to wear pantyhose or some pants under a short skirt, i think. then you have the pants under the skirt and then you can pull the stockings up over the pants underneath the skirt. and you can always take off the skirt and use it as a cape. so i think this is the best costume for today – little edie