when life gives you lemons, make a vodka soda.

what do people do when the economy’s shit?

well, they drink, fuck and work out, apparently.

public relations firm pierce mattie recently sent out a social media release covering off the top ten consumer trends for the upcoming summer, and how brands can capitalize now.

since date night’s a bit tougher on the pocketbook than last year, we can expect to see brands such as durex, lifestyles and astroglide to do very well for themselves. after all, why spend money when the most fun thing ever is at home for free?

vodka is also being hailed as the successful spirit of the summer as a result of its versatility. whether it’s your morning caesar or vodka sodas en-masse, voddie works, and most consumer can’t discriminate between the goose and the asbolut. amateurs.

other highlights of the release include consumers spending more time exercising, and opting for costume jewels rather than the real deal. nothing all that new, but expect to see many agencies releasing this type of information as the suits become more and more panicked. word of advice: if your brand is struggling to be relevant, odds are it’s simply not. on to the next.