where dem bloggers at

lots of fuss has been kicked up over the continued (continuing) presence of bloggers and new media mavens, peppered along the perimeters of the revered fashion week runways. the old guard is creeping up to the new with trepidation, puzzlement. some growl and bear their teeth with flare, pretty poison at the ready.

seems no one is quite so sure what to make of us all, this brand new breed of (un)mighty pens. a publishing conglomerate of modems. if not the new way, then just the next.
those most resistant to the change call out its most fundamental error: the clutter. there’s already enough of it, pipes polluted long ago by corporate agenda. why give the world’s mass population (the majority of whom are sub-intelligent drones) yet another medium to spout off their daily happenings, their kitty cat tales. to be frank, it’s the last thing any of us need.
and yet the point is not – is never – to add to the clutter. it’s to stand out from it. those who do garner affinity, build a following. as a result, they are deemed so-worthy. let none of us make the mistake of resisting the world’s way forward. instead, bras and ranties suggests you scoot down and make some room.

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  1. Kelly Fallis says:

    Well put! We've noticed the same tsk's in furniture fashion and are proud to report that many in the home decor industry have come to terms with "modern day" and are instead using the influx of 'new media' to their advantage by building a rapport with, and getting their products and stories in front of the design bloggers and promptly. Goodbye "the authority"; hello collaboration. clutter adds character in our world!

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