where the lovely things are.


if you’re a regular fashion reader, you’re already familiar with the fashion lovely section. i was featured one week, back when the concept was quite new, and i constantly take stock of what outfits i’d much rather have been wearing when i was caught on-camera.

it’s a very cool concept that seeks out and celebrates the unique fashion of canadian women. and, as you know, i love little more than seeing real style come to life on real people. which is why i’m stoked to hear that the mag is upping the fashion lovely ante.

over the summer, they’re inviting all of us to send in our own fashion lovely snaps! readers will then vote on who wins a $500 gift card from holts. they’re not just giving away one either – there are three to be won.
i hope this inspires you to be more mindful of the expression of your style, regardless of who you are and how you already dress. use your outfit an expression of your creativity. try something different, pair unexpected colours, and layer like your local bag-lady. take pictures, and enter enter enter! send me@brasandranties.com pictures too.