who is bras and ranties?

a recent piece in now magazine features bras and ranties’ what i wore series, our egomaniacally delicious feature on our evening outfits and where we picked them up.

the article is a great one, and not only because the author deems our wardrobe choices immaculate. it discusses a deeply interesting cultural undercurrent, society and behaviours left discombobulated with the wide-reaching tools of social media at our fingers. it’s a critical topic: what happens to privacy when your life is online?
many recall this woman having lost her disability benefits after her happy pictures surfaced on facebook. everyone’s heard stories of employees getting busted for calling in sick friday morning after drunken pictures are posted from thursday night. bras and ranties herself has even gotten in shit, not once but twice, for complaining about her job en status.
and while the debate is exceptionally interesting and one that will be continued, we felt it important to address the author’s assertation that we shield our identity because we’re nervous to overshare. dear sir, have you read the blogette? these are our guts. each and every reader who knows bras and ranties (in real life) has our entire life on their screens for all to see. we’ve nothing to hide.
we do cover our face (and talk in the royal we) tis true. the point is not, however, to withhold. in fact the soul of bras and ranties is that it could be anyone. it could be you. we are a commentary on a world that we all find unendingly curious. our perspective is meant to inspire your own, our own way of doing things shared to encourage everyone else to live loudly. there’s no need to see a face.


2 thoughts on “who is bras and ranties?”

  1. morad says:

    did i take that photo?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I only started reading (and adoring) your blogette after the piece in Now mag… but I must admit I'm confused. You're anonymous on the blogette, but suddenly intrigued, I uncovered your name (JN) within 20 seconds of Googling? Qu'est-ce qui se passe? Girlfriend, you need to do better than that…

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