why is everyone saying ‘fail’ these days?

word on the tweet (oh god, that was almost absurdly lame) is that the first official direct-to-consumer program from twitter is going to be a live-twitter reality show. the premise being tossed around is something about obsessively following the celebrities that currently tweet. consider us apalled.

the majority of you roll your eyes at the idea of twitter, boldly declaring that you’ll never join in on the fun. just like you said about facebook, i’ll wager. the fact of the matter is that twitter, in its infancy, has already begun to fundamentally alter what we’ve known about the realm of social networking far. facebook is like a little old lady compared with twitter. i can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something to do with the contrast between facebook being about presentation and twitter conversation. it’s your voice that counts. one of the greatest social experiments to-date.

the idea that the people at the helm of this phenomenon think that this celebrity-stalking bullshit what we’ll be interested in? boo. that’s why i read lainey, yo. think bigger, think smarter. or i’m out.