a wise woman once said

bras and ranties gets the feeling there are quite a few girls around town in the midst of a sort career metamorphosis; toeing the line between a state of learning and learned, timid to hold on to the reigns of leadership being passed in their direction. there seems a rather nervous energy around developing a professional voice and a business point of view.

while we can relate to the trepidation, we don’t condone it. why not leapfrog the line instead? there comes a crux in one’s career development where potential distinguishes itself from capable. in order to be part of the latter you’ve gotta have a voice and a point of view. knowledge, questions and considerate thought. there’s no room for nerves. be bold! it’s more fun anyway.





One thought on “a wise woman once said”

  1. AOK says:

    Great advice! Now I just need to take it – hehehe 😉

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