a friend of mine forwarded me her ‘word of the day’ email today.

the word of the day? confabulation. oh, and a bit of smack. i was glad to see one of my favies being issued to the masses.

for those of you who are not quite sure: confabulation kun-fab-yuh-LAY-shun meaning: 1. familiar talk or conversation; 2. a filling in of gaps in memory by fabrication.

as i’ve said, i work in words. when building brands, my partner and i can spend days trying to find that perfect, pithy word that captures a certain energy.

you may have heard me complain that the english language occasionally feels limiting. it is, in retrospect, only half-true. it’s actually just our active language that feels this way. do your best to learn the subtleties between words and their meanings. it really does make life (and obvie your vocabulary) much richer.

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