words better left in our journal. oh well.

we’re not sure what to make of it, the blogette silence as of late. we just haven’t been here, if that makes any sense: physically, emotionally, inspirationally. left in its place is simply disinclination, disheartenment it seems, not for the blog nor for the people but maybe just for the point of it. for the world of it. so we found ourselves clamming closed against a place with a face we don’t really like the looks of right now. sorry about that.

we know we can humor, confuse, annoy some people with our tendency to rantie on the state of things. theories on conspiracies, mistrust for mankind, evil enterprise not typically topical within the crowds we tend to run. we suppose we just needed a break, pause, recalibration. yet now the whole notion feels so foreign we can barely blurt it out, let alone blog the fucker.
to be honest we get the vibe that many of you have been feeling a bit off. eclipses, heatwaves, frustrations – attribute it to what you will, but there’s no doubt the bad chi’s raging. upsets unsettling. it’s really a mindfuck if you ponder it: positivity and it’s fleeting nature. is it sustainable? is it possible? is it how people really feel? seems to us the state of perpetual happiness is limited to the extremes: the ignorant and the self-enlightened. the rest are just real people, living lives in the grey area in between, trying our damnedest. yet perhaps it’s not the actual state (but just the daily quest for it) that eventually leads us to our happy place. or at least, a better place.
funny how easy it is to live in polarity to it though, human propensity easily swung toward brooding, toward concern instead. is it conditioned, the faults of the news, our parents, the g20, pharmaceuticals, high fructose corn syrup? or is it just fucking human?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No, I think it's just you B&R.

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